Our Neurologic Relief Center IS different.

We recognize you don’t want to be in yet another doctor office or waiting room. That is why our Clinic doesn’t look or feel like one.


To give you back hope.

We structure our neurologic recovery program to maximize the time and commitment you make to be here. Every moment you spend with us, is time strengthening nervous system and your body.

Our proprietary recovery treatment program takes place in a community-oriented clinic like no other you have experienced. The offices in Fayetteville, Arkansas are designed to ensure each patient receives care that is individualized, within a setting most conducive to achieving your maximum functional potential.

 This is all part of my effort to radically change the way people think about the treatment of, and recovery process for, neurologic dysfunction and chronic pain disorders.


Targeting the Vagus Nerve

While learning how to treat the neurologic symptoms of CRPS, my basic holistic training and upbringing has come in very handy. That training has taught me that, unlike the mechanistic approach, the body is not like an engine. What I mean by that is that you cannot just treat different parts, forgetting that every part is connected to every other part. The body is incredibly intelligent, far above our understanding as human beings. Trillions of cells are being repaired or replaced, hormones are being produced, vitamins are being gathered from the food you eat and delivered to the cells that need them. All of this without a thought from you.

We readily expect our body to do these things every day. Yet, we just accept that somehow, our bodies become broken beyond repair, not smart enough to beat ‘incurable’ conditions. We accept that this power now rests in doctors’ hands, and that we will find ‘magic’ in some form of surgery, device or medication. Something outside of yourself.

All the scientists in the world cannot grow a hair. Yet, our body does that every day. The intelligence that runs the body and its functions doesn’t just desert us one day, to cause us to suffer. Then how do we get sick? Something interferes. In my experience, this interference typically happens in the Central Nervous System.

Our mission is to help those who have lost hope reclaim their body, their health and lives.

Our mission is to help those who have lost hope reclaim their body, their health and lives.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is the system that runs everything in the body. It controls movement, function, the immune system and pain. It also controls healing. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), a subsystem of the CNS, is the part of your brain that runs everything automatically. It is divided into the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The SNS, fight or flight, is responsible for saving our lives when we are being attacked. It is vital, but not concerned with healing the body. The PNS is the healer. The one thing patients have in common is that they are stuck in Sympathetic overdrive.

The Vagus Nerve is one of twelve pairs of Cranial Nerves that run directly from the brain to the body, instead of from the spinal cord. It is the tenth cranial nerve and the main Parasympathetic Cranial Nerve. The Vagus Nerve (sometimes called the “wandering nerve”) has multiple branches that diverge from two thick stems rooted in the cerebellum and brainstem. These wander to the lowest viscera of your abdomen, also connecting to your heart and most major organs, such as the lungs. This motor Parasympathetic fibers to ALL the organs except the adrenal glands, from the neck down to the transverse colon. As such, it is responsible for many different tasks including: heart rate, digestion, sweating, speech, coughing, fainting, and vomiting, to name but a few.

People who suffer from chronic neurologic disorders also tend to suffer, by definition, from an underactive Vagus Nerve. This will cause inflammation in one part (or all the parts) of the body. Basically, inflammation causes your nerves to be ‘on fire.’ What does the Vagus nerve have to do with inflammation? A lot. Inflammation in body tissues is regulated directly by the brain. Essentially, the cells of the immune system are being controlled directly by the Vagus Nerve.

The Vagus Nerve works as a two-way highway, passing electrochemical signals between the organs and the brain. In chronic inflammatory disease, low Vagal tone (or function) causes inflammation in the body. And, high Vagal tone (or function) causes the reversal of inflammation.

Good communication between the immune system and the brain is therefore vital for controlling inflammation. Of course, the problem in the body of a CRPS patients is that the Vagus Nerve is doing anything but communicating with the body. It has become more like a traffic-clogged freeway, where few signals are making it through in either direction.

If, for example, a patient suffers from CRPS, great care should be given to the central sensitization. It is based on the principle that pain itself may change the way the central nervous system works, causing more pain. The patient becomes hypersensitive with less and less provocation. Sensitized patients are not only sensitive to things that would cause normal people pain, but also become sensitive to things that shouldn’t hurt. Any kind of noxious stimuli can trigger a reaction. This pain can become constant and stick around even without provocation. In addition, a malfunctioning Vagus Nerve will also cause immune system problems, digestive issues, sleeping problems, etc.

Our treatment focuses on restoring immediate normal flow, tone and function to the Vagus Nerve. This has no side effects. Unlike most treatments out there today, we do not aim to disrupt or numb the pain signals, we aim to uncover abnormalities in the CNS and restore balance to the Nervous System. The healing occurs from the inside out.

We have witnessed healing, kindness, compassion and love from every Doctor, staff member & fellow patients we have been blessed to meet. There are truly no words to describe the experience of being in this clinic. We wholeheartedly believe this is where hope lives and healing begins.

We have been to numerous clinics, doctors offices, and hospitals in the past 2 years. We have not witnessed ONE healing in all of those visits. At this clinic, we have lost track of the number of patients who have gotten well and literally “went on with their life!”

It is truly mind boggling, like watching miracles happen. We are so excited for Lilly to begin this treatment program that has helped so many patients who have, like us, tried everything else.
— Angel Murr, Neurologic Relief Center patient