In order for your body to function and perform properly, your brain needs to reestablish its proper connection with your body.

Neurologic dysfunction is at the root of nearly all conditions of chronic pain. We merge neuroscience with physical rehabilitation utilizing innovative therapies, exercises and treatment strategies to address chronic disorders within the brain to help heal the body.

Dr. Katinka and staff perform an adjustment of the Vagus Nerve on a standing patient.

Dr. Katinka and staff perform an adjustment of the Vagus Nerve on a standing patient.

 Fibromyalgia.  Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

While there is no known cure for these neurological disorders, our view is that a condition of the cervical spine can often cause an uncontrolled firing of the nervous system. This often is what results in chronic pain and other symptoms experienced by many patients.

Our approach at the clinic is rooted in the belief that compression of the protective coverings of the brain and spinal cord, in the cervical spine region of the neck, may cause symptoms as identified in a number of neurological disorders. Meningeal decompression therapy can provide the relief for the symptoms of a number of debilitating neurological conditions.

The aim of the technique is to reduce the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure and/or meningeal compression that causes the symptoms of neurologic disorders. Our procedure involves relieving this compression. It is a series of techniques, applied at the appropriate times, allowing the brain and spinal cord to return to normal function.

Tamie works with a patient on Neuromuscular Reeducation.

Tamie works with a patient on Neuromuscular Reeducation.


We realize exercise is not part of your daily routine now. Our therapists do not just give you exercise routines. They address the neurological AND muscle disconnect.

One example of our approach to treatment is Neuromuscular reeducation. This is part of a therapeutic process that addresses various adverse conditions that arise from nervous system disorders and misaligned and misused muscles. More than 90 percent of the soft tissue injuries that chiropractic professionals encounter can benefit from neuromuscular reeducation exercises. The exercises are particularly beneficial for unhealthy movement patterns that persist after injuries, disuse or due to chronic pain conditions. Injuries, repetitive use, poor posture and unhealthy biomechanics can make your movement patterns become inefficient.

The exercises performed with this type of therapy help achieve a variety of goals — improving balance, coordination, posture and proprioception. The broad goal of neuromuscular reeducation therapy involves restoring a natural mind-body connection by coordinating mental perception with physical behavioral patterns. The exercises aim to restore natural and efficient movement patterns, optimize joint biomechanics and reduce pain that may result from neuromuscular deficiencies.

Therapists that administer neuromuscular reeducation therapy assess factors that may contribute to the chronic pain a particular patient is experiencing. These are referred to as trigger points, locations on your body that can cause pain on other parts of your body. Neuromuscular reeducation exercises can relieve pinched or pressed nerves that cause pain. Neuromuscular reeducation exercises are particularly important for improving postural distortions, which weaken supporting muscles and lead to faulty movement patterns that can intensify pain.

Exercises include a variety of functional strengthening, stretching, balancing and coordination activities, encouraging patients to focus on joint positioning and movement while maintaining balance performing specific movements.

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Nothing speaks louder to a business’ success than that of a client’s testimonial.

“In September of 2009 my chiropractor contacted me about a new technique he just learned that should help my Fibro. It was the NRC treatment. I was game. Anything had to be better than where I was in my life. I was so bad sometimes I could not even pick up a cup of water – pain all the time, not sleeping, on meds just to exist. I was not living what I would call a life. I was existing and not in a fun way. Well I started the treatment at 6 times a week – I did this for at least three months and OH MY – it WORKED! It actually worked! I could walk, sleep and do things again – i was living my life. We backed off little by little and within 3 months for me I was FIBRO FREE! YES Fibro free – my rheumatologist even confirmed it. She is even sending her Fibro patients to my Chiropractor now. Can you believe it? No more meds, no more pain, I am sleeping, walking and living my life again – now there are so many possibilities. If you want to know more just ask. It’s been about 5 months and i’m still pain free, medication free and NO Fibro symptoms at all. It’s an awesome technique that worked for me.”

-Jeanette Villaneuva, California

“I look forward to getting up in the morning, starting a new day. My whole lease on life has changed. Living without pain makes me so greatful to the doctors of Seeing You Well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-M. Benson Fayetteville, AR